Melbourne Building Consulting (MBC) - Building Inspections and Independent Building Consultant to the Insurance and Building Industries.

Melbourne Building Consulting Pty Ltd

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Independent Cause and Origin Reports

  • What caused the building damage?
  • Is all the damage occasioned to the building an insurable event?
  • The cause of building damage typically determines if the insurer has any liability.
  • We establish the cause and origin of reported damage to a building.
  • We detail the full history relating to the specific insurance claim and compare this data to the available evidence on site.
  • We can carry out moisture testing of specific building elements to isolate moisture sources.


Independent Building Audits

  • What existed prior to the insurable event?
  • We establish (where possible) and document all building works including, fixtures, features, quantities, model types, timber species, other materials used and features that existed in a building prior to the loss.


Independent Scope of Works Documentation

  • What building works are required to be carried out in line within the insurance companies’ written terms & conditions?
  • How will current Building Codes impact on the building repair?
  • We detail exacting specifications relating to the resultant building damage occasioned by the “insurable event”.
  • This allows for building contractors to quote and compare “apples for apples” on the same independent scope of works.
  • Both the insurance company and the insured benefit from an independent assessment of an insurance loss prior to quotations being sourced.
  • We can advise of potential areas where the building code may require additional building works.

Dilapidation Reports

  • What is the true condition of the building before any repairs are carried out?
  • We assess, document and photograph the pre existing conditions of buildings at a nominated site – this prevents argument later on about the “new” repairs in an “old” building.
  • Sometimes this extends to documenting the conditions of building elements on shared title boundaries- again this clarifies starting conditions and reduces disputes


Cost Schedules

  • What would be the market cost of the repair considering foreseeable factors?
  • This can assist insurance companies to be informed of expected costs and give an overview of an insurance loss before any repairs begin.
  • We can also obtain current market prices for repairs by recognized and established insurance building contractors- again these prices are based upon our independent scope of works documentation, so prices are based on “apples for apples”.


Depreciation Schedules

  • Is the building worth repairing?
  • What would be the balance of life in the building prior to the insurable event?
  • What is or was the building worth?
  • For insurance claims to be settled if damaged buildings are not going to be replaced.
  • We discuss specific requests with licensed real estate valuers to assist with claim settlement.


Quality Inspections

  • Is the repair of a suitable standard?
  • How does any pre-existing condition impact the repair?
  • Our office can inspect and advise in writing based upon relevant standards.
  • We can clarify pre existing issues before works begin; this reduces the likelihood of disputes arising later.


Council involvement

  • What happens when an emergency order or demolition order is served on the owner?
  • In significant insurance losses, the local council can be involved from the outset- they are required to protect the community. The council may issue a building order, building notice, emergency order or a demolition notice.
  • Our office can liase with the local council and the Relevant Building Surveyor (RBS) and the insurance company to assist in this process.



We refer specific issues to the relevant engineers for determinations, calculations and comments that are specific to an insurance claim.
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